fundamental5 Smoothie

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  • 💦Liquid – 10-12 ounces your favorite unsweetened nut milk (I love Flax)⁣
  • Protein – 1 serving vanilla protein powder (my favorites are linked in bio)⁣
  • 🥑Fat – Your Choice-1/4 avocado (or) 2 Tablespoons coconut oil (or) 1-2 Tablespoons nut butter⁣
  • Fiber – 2 Tablespoons Fiber (I love chia seeds, whole flax, and acacia….feel free to mix)⁣
  • 🥬Greens – Handful of Greens (spinach or a mild green work best)⁣
  • 🧂Superfoods – 1 tsp each of your favorite superfood spices (l put a teaspoon of each: Ceylon cinnamon, camu camu, turmeric, spirulina and a pinch of sea salt) Put in what you have. ⁣
  • 💥Bonus:  A Tablespoon of Raw unsweetened Cacao Nibs pulsed in at the end⁣


Put all ingredients in blender, add a handful of ice.  Blend to desired consistency.⁣

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