Fundamental5 Chopped Cobb Salad

You need to check out this healthy goodness!! What makes it so simple and tasty?!?  Healthy fats, protein, fiber, greens and yummy toppings!! ⁣

Some tips to make the BEST💚 “Chopped Cobb”⁣

✅Chop everything super fine. Think bite size!⁣

✅Keep the chopped lettuce in a salad spinner ready to go!!⁣

✅ Meal Prep this baby….everything can be made ahead and assembled when you are ready to eat. It stays better longer that way too!!⁣

✅Don’t want to make homemade dressing!?!  No problem!  Try @primalkitchenfoods dressings…I love honey dijon. ⁣

✅ Get creative. Switch up the veggies…roast or sauté some. Put them in lines to make it look fancy. No extra time required. ⁣



Chopped Organic Romaine Lettuce🥬

1/4 chopped fresh avocado🥑

1 boiled egg🥚, finely chopped⁣

Frozen corn🌽, sautéed in avocado oil (I made extra for leftovers)⁣

Grilled chicken breasts, finely chopped⁣

Oven-baked bacon🥓 chopped⁣

Goat Cheese🧀 Feta crumbles  ⁣

Toasted pine nuts (I always keep on hand)⁣


Assemble ingredients however you like!

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