FUNdamental 5 Chocolate Bark

FUNdamental 5 Chocolate Bark

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FUNdamental5 Chocolate Covered Bark: 
This one is frequently on repeat in my house, as it’s simple to make, freeze, with lots of left overs!  To make it more Valentine’s inspired….grab some fun toppings like, freeze dried strawberries, goji berries, or raspberries!


*1-2 cups Coconut/Almond or Greek Yogurt (go with greek if you can do dairy….I personally like plant based “kite hill” greek style unsweetened yogurt)
*1-2 cups nut butter (your choice…just make sure it’s creamy so it’s easy to stir….I love Fix & Fogg Everything Butter (Thrive Members can get it at a discount) it’s so crunchy) (You can do even more than that if you are feeding a crowd or want LOTS of left-over’s…just do a 50/50 mix of everything above)
*1 Tsp Organic Vanilla Extract
Optional “Add-ins” to include before you freeze the bark: 
  1. Freeze dried strawberries (or any other dried fruit you like with low to no added sugar)
  2. Raw unsweetened cacao nibs for crunch


1. Whisk and then pour into a paper lined sheet pan or rectangular pan/then freeze for 15-20 minutes.
2. When it’s frozen,  mix ½ cup chocolate (I love Hu Gems or Enjoy chocolate) with 1 Tsp coconut oil for easy melting!  You can put in a double boiler and melt quick. Take mixture out of freezer and pour melted chocolate over the top (NOTE:  It will freeze like a magic shell topping…so make sure to add your flaky Maldon Sea Salt quickly!
Additional FUN topping for ❤️ Day  (but add them quickly before the chocolate freezes) 
  1. Smash dehydrated strawberries and add on top with the sea salt
  2. You could also use beet powder or dragonfruit powder for a fun color!
Freeze another 10 minutes, slice and enjoy!
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