A Day in the Life of Two Immune Experts: Jes & Jayne.

Are you trying to navigate how to feel, think and prepare going back out into the world as we have entered a new time and space in this life? You are not alone. My wellness bestie Jes Royston and I have an arsenal of tips we’ve used over the years to keep our immunity up – and now we are sharing it, as a gift just for being you and facing the rest of 2020 head on.

Our 3 page guide will walk you through our daily day to show you what we include to make sure our immune system has what it needs to function as it’s very best. It includes 6 tips from each of us, PLUS our bonus page of the top 5 things you can start today NOW to be your healthiest you. We each shared some of our favorite recipes and mindfulness strategies to get you on our way. Not sure which product to buy? No worries – we got you covered.

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